Our Fireplaces are designed,
manufactured and assembled in France

Unique products,
bespoke products

More than one hundred years’
experience in the working of steel

Crafted by hand
by our master boilerworkers

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Who are we?

Presentation of the Company

It is in Cavaillon, at the foot of the Parc Naturel du Luberon, that we work steel. Boilermakers since 1892, it was quite naturally that in the early 1970s we turned to steel to manufacture the market’s first closed fireplaces. In the past twenty years our “Bespoke Hoods, Fireplaces and Fireplaces” department has grown apace to meet the rapidly increasing demand by lovers of fire worldwide. Our specialists work in close co-operation with other professionals in the fields of design, architecture, construction and Fireplaces. They design the projects and follow them through to completion. Although we are fully equipped with the latest state-of-the art equipment such as powerful CAD and modelling software, and though we cut steel sheets with a laser machine, our Fireplaces are assembled, adjusted, welded and sanded by hand by a score of exerienced craftsmen.

When a boilermaker spends over ten hours giving shape to a hood, it is a part of himself that is verily to be found in the Fireplace that leaves our shops. His way of welding, his eye and his perception of the working of steel are his very own, and his work will not be identical with that of a fellow crafstman. It is their know-how that turns each Fireplace into a unique piece – and that we pride ourselves of.

And it is this beskope work has become Piros’ distinguishing mark.

It goes without saying that, for ethical reasons, we refuse to build models that would bear an obvious resemblance with other models by fellow manufacturers, be they French or from other countries.



Chaudronniers depuis 1892


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    Our Values

    Our prime concern is the human being. It is men and women that manufacture our Fireplaces, that install them and that use and enjoy them in the buildings they grace. This is why at Piros we strive to protect the safety and the health of all those who manufacture, install and use our Fireplaces.

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    Manufactured in France

    We are receptive to all the aspects of sustainable development, and also to the upholding of our know-hows, and we make a point of honour of having all our products entirely manufactured in France, with our subcontractors chosen not only for their technical capacities, but also for their closeness to our shops.

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    Made by hand

    You are looking for a Fireplace that is different, and specifically adapted to you home? Standardisation all too often affects creativity – do come to us, we will design a bespoke Fireplace that resembles you! We can marry steel to a variety of other materials: copper, brass, stainless steel, glass, stone, wood, ceramics, enamelled lava. Your Fireplace will be assembled, adjusted, welded and sanded by hand by some twenty practised boilermakers.

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    The Environment

    We have been using steel in our shops for more than forty years. It is a 100% recyclable material. Our Fireplaces last well over 30 years. It goes without saying that we sort our waste: steel, wood, cardboard and chemical products for recycling or disposal. Also the extensive surface of the roof over our shops has been fitted out with solar panels that produce green electricty.


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